Song   O Church Of God Triumphant
Album Most Popular Gospel Songs – Letter O
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
Writer E. M. Bangs
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags O Church Of God Triumphant
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O Church Of God, Triumphant
Over Human Doubts And Fears,
Which In The Faith Of Ages
Comes Marching Thro’ The Years;
Baptized With Blood Of Martyrs,
With Conflicts Dearly Won,
Beset With Persecutions,
Yet Ever Marching On.

O Church Of God, Triumphant,
With Conflicts Dearly Won,
Beset With Persecution,
Yet Ever Marching On.

With Backward Look We See Thee,
Thy Scattered Members Few;
We See Thee Struggling Ever
Their Courage To Renew;
Strong Amid Tribulation,
Uprising From Each Fall,
We See Thee Marching Onward
Triumphant Over All.

O Refuge Of The Nations,
On Thee Our Hope Is Stayed;
Thy Courage Thro’ The Ages
Shall Keep Us Unafraid;
And With Thy Strength Increasing
Till Earthly Years Are Past,
God Help Thee To March Onward
Triumphant To The Last.

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