Song   O Come And To Jehovah Sing
Album Most Popular Gospel Songs – Letter O
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
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Tags O Come And To Jehovah Sing
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O Come And To Jehovah Sing,
To Him Our Voices Raise;
Let Us In Our Most Joyful Songs
The Lord Our Savior Praise,
The Lord Our Savior Praise.

Before His Presence Let Us Come
With Praise And Thankful Voice;
Let Us Sing Psalms To Him With Grace,
With Grateful Hearts Rejoice,
With Grateful Hearts Rejoice.

Jehovah Is A Mighty King,
Above All Gods His Throne;
The Depths Of Earth Are In His Hand,
The Mountains Are His Own,
The Mountains Are His Own.

To Him The Spacious Sea Belongs,
He Made Its Waves And Tides;
And By His Hand The Rising Land
Was Formed, And Still Abides,
Was Formed, And Still Abides.

O Come, And Bowing Down To Him
Our Worship Let Us Bring;
Yea, Let Us Kneel Before The Lord,
Our Maker And Our King,
Our Maker And Our King.

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