Song O God By Whom The Seed Is Given
Album The Christian Hymn Book
Genre Traditional Christian Hymns
Writer(s) A. Campbell And Others
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags O God By Whom The Seed Is Given
Theme(s) Closing Hymns
Scripture Reference(s)
CCLI Song No

O God, By Whom The Seed Is Given,
By Whom The Harvest Blest;
Whose Word, Like Manna Showered From Heaven,
Is Planted In Our Breast;

Preserve It From The Passing Feet,
And Plunderers Of The Air;
The Sultry’s Sun’s Intenser Heat,
And Weeds Of Worldly Care!

Though Buried Deep, Or Thinly Strewn,
Do Thou Thy Grace Supply;
The Hope, In Earthly Furrows Sown,
Shall Ripen In The Sky.

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