Song O Jesus I Have Promised
Album Top Easter Hymns
Genre Traditional Christian Hymns
Writer(s) John Ernest Bode
Publisher / Copyrights © Oxford University Press
Key A Major
Tags O Jesus I Have Promised
Scripture Reference(s)
CCLI Song No

O Jesus, I Have Promised
To Serve You To The End
Be Now And Ever Near Me,
My Master And My Friend:
I Shall Not Fear The Battle
If You Are By My Side,
Nor Wander From The Pathway
If You Will Be My Guide.

O Let Me Feel You Near Me,
The World Is Ever Near;
I See The Sights That Dazzle,
The Tempting Sounds I Hear;
My Foes Are Ever Near Me,
Around Me And Within;
But Jesus, Draw Still Nearer
And Shield My Soul From Sin!

O Let Me Hear You Speaking
In Accents Clear And Still;
Above The Storms Of Passion,
The Murmurs Of Self-Will:
O Speak To Reassure Me,
To Hasten Or Control;
And Speak To Make Me Listen,
O Guardian Of My Soul.

O Let Me See Your Footmarks
And In Them Place My Own;
My Hope To Follow Truly
Is In Your Strength Alone:
O Guide Me, Call Me, Draw Me,
Uphold Me To The End;
And Then In Heaven Receive Me,
My Saviour And My Friend.

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