Song Oh Church Of God United
Album Christian Hymns Karaoke
Genre Praise & Worship
Writer(s) Frederick B. Morley
Publisher / Copyrights Music: Public Domain
Key A,G Major
Tags Oh Church, Oh Church Of God United
Theme(s) Love, Proclamation, Service, The Church, Unity
Scripture Reference(s) John 10:11-16, Acts 2:5-11
CCLI Song No 1511975

O Church Of God, United
To Serve One Common Lord,
Proclaim To All One Message,
With Hearts In Glad Accord.
Christ Ever Goes Before Us;
We Follow Day By Day
With Strong And Eager Footsteps
Along The Upward Way.

From Every Land And Nation
The Ordered Ranks Appear;
To Serve One Valiant Leader
They Come From Far And Near.
They Chant Their One Confession,
They Praise One Living Lord,
And Place Their Sure Dependence
Upon His Saving Word.

Though Creeds And Tongues May Differ,
They Speak, O Christ, Of Thee;
And In Thy Loving Spirit,
We Shall One People Be.
Lord, May Our Faithful Service
And Singleness Of Aim
Proclaim To All The Power
Of Thy Redeeming Name.

May Thy Great Prayer Be Answered
That We May All Be One,
Close Bound, By Love United
In Thee, God’s Blessed Son:
To Bring A Single Witness,
To Make The Pathway Bright,
That Souls Which Grope In Darkness
May Find The One True Light.

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