Song Only A Holy God – CityAlight
Album Popular Hymns Of All Time
Genre Christian Music
Writer(s) Dustin R. Smith, Jonny Robinson, Michael Farren, Rich Thompson
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags Only A Holy God – CityAlight
Theme(s) Only A Holy God
Scripture Reference(s) 1 Kings 15:5; Exodus 12:41; Judges 8:10; Isaiah 27:13; Psalm 143:9;
CCLI Song No 7073332

Who Else Commands All The Hosts Of Heaven
Who Else Could Make Every King Bow Down
Who Else Can Whisper And Darkness Trembles
Only A Holy God

What Other Beauty Demands Such Praises
What Other Splendour Outshines The Sun
What Other Majesty Rules With Justice
Only A Holy God

Come And Behold Him
The One And The Only
Cry Out, Sing Holy
Forever A Holy God
Come And Worship The Holy God

What Other Glory Consumes Like Fire
What Other Power Can Raise The Dead
What Other Name Remains Undefeated
Only A Holy God

Who Else Could Rescue Me From My Failing
Who Else Would Offer His Only Son
Who Else Invites Me To Call Him Father
Only A Holy God
Only My Holy God!

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