Song   Preserve Me Lord In Time
Album Most Popular Gospel Songs – Letter P
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
Writer Isaac Watts
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags Preserve Me Lord In Time
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Preserve Me, Lord, In Time Of Need;
For Succor To Thy Throne I Flee,
But Have No Merits There To Plead:
My Goodness Cannot Reach To Thee.

Oft Have My Heart And Tongue Confessed
How Empty And How Poor I Am;
My Praise Can Never Make Thee Blessed,
Nor Add New Glories To Thy Name.

Yet, Lord, Thy Saints On Earth May Reap
Some Profit By The Good We Do;
These Are The Company I Keep,
These Are The Choicest Friends I Know.

Let Others Choose The Songs Of Mirth
To Give A Relish To Their Wine;
I Love The Men Of Heavenly Birth,
Whose Thoughts And Language Are Divine.

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