Song   Quickened With Our Immortal Head
Album Popular Hymns By Charles Wesley
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
Writer Charles Wesley
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags Quickened With Our Immortal Head
Scripture Reference(s)
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Quickened With Our Immortal Head,
Who Daily, Lord, Ascend With Thee,
Redeemed From Sin, And Free Indeed,
We Taste Our Glorious Liberty.

Saved From The Fear Of Hell And Death,
With Joy We Seek The Things Above;
And All Thy Saints The Spirit Breathe
Of Power, Sobriety, And Love.

Power Over The World, The Fiend, And Sin,
We Through Thy Gracious Spirit Feel;
Full Power The Victory To Win,
And Answer All Thy Righteous Will.

Pure Love To God Thy Members Find,
Pure Love To Every Soul Of Man;
And In Thy Sober, Spotless Mind,
Saviour, Our Heaven On Earth We Gain.

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