Song Save Us O Lord
Album With Joyful Lips – E
Genre Traditional Christian Hymns
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Tags Save Us O Lord
Scripture Reference(s)
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Save Us, O Lord, Carry Us Back, Rouse Your Power And Come.
Rescue Your People, Show Us Your Face, Bring Us Back.

O Shepherd Of Israel Hear Us. Return And We Shall Be Saved.
Arise, O Lord, Hear Our Cries, O Lord; Bring Us Back!

How Long Will You Hide From Your People? We Long To See Your Face,
Give Ear To Us, Draw Near To Us, Lord God Of Hosts!

Turn Again, Care For Your Vine,
Protect What Your Right Hand Has Planted,
Your Vineyards Are Trampled, Uprooted And Burned.
Come To Us, Father Of Might!

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