Lyrics With Joyful Lips – S

Send Forth Your Messengers

SongSend Forth Your Messengers
AlbumWith Joyful Lips – S
GenreTraditional Christian Hymns
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TagsSend Forth Your Messengers
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Send Forth Your Messengers, O Lord They Will Spread Your Light
To All The World Around. They Will Sing Of Your Glory, Alleluia.

You Chose Us From All Times, Your Messengers To Be,
To Raise Your Light Aloft, For All The World To See.

Today We Hear Your Voice, We Hearken To Your Call,
And Joyously We Come, To Bring Your Word To All.

Give Us Your Grace, O Lord, To Follow Where You Trod
And Thus To Spend Our Days, In Service To Our God.

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