Song Something Which Is Known
Album With Joyful Lips – M
Genre Traditional Christian Hymns
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Tags Something Which Is Known
Scripture Reference(s)
CCLI Song No

Something Which Is Known To Have Been From The Beginning
This We Have Heard And Seen With Our Own Eyes
Something We Have Touched And Have Carefully Watched
The Word Who Is Life, This We Share With You.

Alleluia Alleluia Alleluia Alleluia.

This Is The Life Of Our God So Gracious
Word Became Flesh There Is No Greater Wonder
All That We Have Witnessed Became New Vision
This Our Hope For You Alive In God’s Own Spirit.

Alleluia Alleluia Alleluia Alleluia.

He It Is In Whom We Have Found The Light Of Truth
Source Of Our Hope Abiding Gift Of God’s Love.
Through That Love We Pass And Are Born In Life Un Ending
Jesus Our Lord The Fullness Of Our Joy.

Alleluia Alleluia Alleluia Alleluia.

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