Song   Tattlers Wagon (Once I Had)
Album Pentecostal And Apostolic Hymns 3
Genre Traditional Christian Hymns
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Tags Tattlers Wagon (Once I Had)
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Once I Had A Tattlers Wagon Which Behind Me I Did Pull
Just As Fast As I Could Empty It Some Friend Would Fill It Full
By And By I Got So Busy There Was Little Else To Do
But Still I’d Meet The Saints And Sing . . .
I’m Going Through Jesus I’m Going Through

Well I Was Going Through And Tattling As I Went
But Going Through Like That You Know Isn’t Worth A Cent
I’d Talk About My Neighbors They’d Give Me Tattles Too
Then We’d Go To Church And Sing . . .
I Believe Jesus Saves And His Blood Washes Whiter Than Snow

If Someone Testifies And Prays Some Good Sister Doubts
And Others Have No Confidence When A Certain Party Shouts
If Someone Hears A Little Lie For Some Good Reason Told
He Loads His Wagon Up And Sings . . .
When We All See Jesus We Will Sing And Shout The Victory

We Pack Our Wagons Up And Get Another Load
And Just As Soon As We Could Go We’d Start On Tattlers Road
And When We Met A Passer-By We’d Stop And Spread It’s Do
And Dump The Poison Out And Sing . . .
Makes Me Love Everybody Makes Me Love Everybody

Makes Me Love Everybody It’s Good Enough For Me
Oh The Thing That We Should Do Is Smash Those Wagons Now
And Each One Bridle His Own Tongue And Stop This Thing Somehow
Let’s Stop This Awful Tattling Let’s Bring It To An End
And We Can Go To Church And Sing . . .
In The Sweet By And By We Shall Meet On That Beautiful Shore . . .

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