Song   The Answer’s On The Way
Album Pentecostal And Apostolic Hymns 3
Genre Traditional Christian Hymns
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags The Answer’s On The Way
Scripture Reference(s)
CCLI Song No

Many Times I Bowed Beneath The Heavy Load.
On Bended Knees To God A Prayer I Prayed.
As I Knelt There On The Floor,
He’d Remind Me Just Once More,
That The Answer Was Already On The Way.

Oh Yes The Answer’s On The Way, This I Know.
Jesus Said It I Believe It To Be So.
Our Heavenly Father Knows The Need Before We Pray.
And We Can Rest Assured The Answer’s On The Way.

If There’s A Special Need Within Your Life My Friend.
And You’re Making For The Answer Every Day.
If By Faith You’ll Start Believing,
Mighty Soon You’ll Start Believing,
For The Answer Is Already On The Way.

The Answer Came,
While I Was Kneeling There In Prayer.
The Answer Came, I Felt His Saving Might Power.
When The Saviour Came And Save My Soul,
He Caused The Angry Billows To Go.
Now I’m Praising The Lord Each,
That The Answer Came.

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