Song   The Bible Everlasting Book
Album Pentecostal And Apostolic Hymns 3
Genre Traditional Christian Hymns
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags The Bible Everlasting Book
Scripture Reference(s)
CCLI Song No

The Bible Everlasting Book!
Who Knows Thy Deep Secrets?
Your Beginning On Earth Who Knows?
And Who Can Know Thy End?

The Secrets Of The God Of Heaven;
Ambassador From Heaven;
The Sword That Killed The Sting Of Death,
God’s Own Image Divine.

A Book Indeed Among Thousands
A Book Of Ancient Days;
Thou Made Salvation Way So Plain
To All Mankind On Earth.

The Treasure Of The Three-In-One
The Blessed Trinity
Do, Interpreter Thyself To Me
And All My Doubts Dispel.

The Pages I’ll Open With Prayer,
To Learn Thy Doctrines Lord;
The Everlasting Book Divine
Show Me The Saviour’s Love.

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