Song    The Earth Is The Lord’s
Album Thanksgiving and Harvest Hymns
Genre Traditional Christian Hymns
Writer Berg Esenwein
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags  The Earth Is The Lord’s
Scripture Reference(s)
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The Earth Is The Lord’s, And Its Fullness,
And They That Upon It Do Dwell,
For He Its Foundations Established
To Him Let Your Glad Anthems Swell.

Sing, Sing, Sing Aloud His Praises,
Sing, Sing, Sing His Glorious Praise;
Glad, Glad, Glad Thanksgiving Render,
Sweetest Songs To Jesus Raise.

The Fruits Of The Earth Are His Bounties,
His Gift Is The Golden-Hued Grain;
He Sendeth The Sunshine And Shadow,
He Giveth Or Holdeth The Rain.

The Joys Of The Harvest Thanksgiving,
The Lord, Blessed Giver Of All,
Hath Granted To Us, Undeserving;
Then Praise Him, The Great And The Small.

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