Song   The God Of Abraham Praise
Album Pentecostal And Apostolic Hymns 3
Genre Traditional Christian Hymns
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Tags The God Of Abraham Praise
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The God Of Abraham Praise,
Who Reigns Enthroned Above;
Ancient Of Everlasting Days,
And God Of Love.
Jehovah, Great I Am!
By Earth And Heaven Confessed;
I Bow And Bless The Sacred Name,
For Ever Blessed

The God Of Abraham Praise,
At Whose Supreme Command;
From Earth I Rise,
And Seek The Joys
At His Right Hand.
I All On Earth For Sake Its Wisdom,
Fame, And Power And Him
My Only Portion Make,
My Shield And Tower.

He By Himself Hath Sworn,
I On His Oath Depend;
I Shall, On Eagles’ Wings Up Borne,
To Heaven Ascend;
I Shall Behold His Face,
I Shall His Power Adore;
And Sing The Wonders Of His Grace
For Evermore.

Though Nature’s Strength Decay,
And Earth And Hell Withstand,
To Canaan’s Bounds I Urge My Way
At His Command.
The Watery Deep I Pass,
With Jesus In My View;
And Through The Howling Wilderness
My Way Pursue

The God Who Reigns On High
The Great Archangels Sing;
And, Holy, Holy, Holy, Cry,
Almighty King.
Who Was And Is The Same,
And Evermore Shall Be;
Jehovah, Father, Great I Am,
We Worship Thee.

The Whole Triumphant Host,
Give Thanks To God On High;
Hail, Father, Son And Holy Ghost!
They Ever Cry.
Hail, Abraham’s God And Mine!
I Join The Heavenly Lays;
All Might And Majesty Are Thine;
And Endless Praise.

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