Lyrics Top Songs About Heaven

There Is A House Not Made

Song   There Is A House Not Made
Album Top Songs About Heaven
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
Writer Isaac Watts
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags There Is A House Not Made
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There Is A House Not Made With Hands,
Eternal And On High;
And Here My Spirit Waiting Stands,
Till God Shall Bid It Fly.

Shortly This Prison Of My Clay
Must Be Dissolved And Fall;
Then, O My Soul! With Joy Obey
Thy Heavenly Father’s Call.

‘Tis He, By His Almighty Grace,
That Forms Thee Fit For Heav’n;
And, As An Earnest Of The Place,
Has His Own Spirit Given.

We Walk By Faith Of Joys To Come,
Faith Lives Upon His Word;
But While The Body Is Our Home,
We’re Absent From The Lord.

‘Tis Pleasant To Believe Thy Grace,
But We Had Rather See;
We Would Be Absent From The Flesh
And Present, Lord, With Thee.

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