Song   There Is An Eye That Never Sleeps
Album Pentecostal And Apostolic Hymns 3
Genre Traditional Christian Hymns
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Tags There Is An Eye That Never Sleeps
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There Is An Eye That Never Sleeps
Beneath The Wing Of Night;
There Is An Ear That Never Shuts
When Sinks The Beams Of Light.

There Is An Arm That Never Tires
When Human Strength Gives Way;
There Is A Love That Never Fails
When Earthly Loves Decay.

That Eye Is Fixed On Seraph Throngs;
That Arm Upholds The Sky;
That Ear Is Filled With Angels’ Songs;
That Love Is Throned On High.

But There’s A Power, Which Man Can Wield,
When Mortal Aid Is Vain,
That Eye, That Arm, That Love To Reach,
That Listening Ear To Gain.

That Power Is Prayer, Which Soars On High,
Through Jesus, To The Throne,
And Moves The Hand, Which Moves The World,
To Bring Salvation Down.

Oh, Thou Whose Mercy Knows No End,
Whose Love Can Never Cease,
Grant That We Have Both Faith And Love,
So, We May Always Pray.

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