Song There Is An Hour Of Peaceful Rest
Album Top Sacred Songs
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
Writer(s) William Bingham Tappan
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags There Is An Hour Of Peaceful Rest
Scripture Reference(s)
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There Is An Hour Of Peaceful Rest
To Mourning Wanderers Given;
There Is A Joy For Souls Distrest,
A Balm For Every Wounded Breast:
‘Tis Found Above–In Heaven.

There Is A Home For Weary Souls,
By Sin And Sorrow Driven
When Tossed On Life’s Tempestuous Shoals,
When Storms Arise And Ocean Rolls,
And All Is Drear–But Heaven.

There Faith Lifts Up The Tearless Eye,
To Brighter Prospects Given,
And Views The Tempest Passing By,
The Evening Shadows Quickly Fly,
And All Serene–In Heaven.

There Fragrant Flowers Immortal Bloom,
And Joys Supreme Are Given;
There Rays Divine Disperse The Gloom;
Beyond The Confines Of The Tomb
Appears The Dawn Of Heaven.

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