Song   Tossed With Rough Winds
Album Pentecostal And Apostolic Hymns 3
Genre Traditional Christian Hymns
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Tags Tossed With Rough Winds
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Tossed With Rough Winds, And Faint With Fear,
Above The Tempest, Soft And Clear,
What Still Small Accents Greet Mine Ear?-
‘Tis I; Be Not Afraid.

‘Tis I, Who Washed Thy Spirit White;
‘Tis I, Who Gave Thy Blind Eyes Sight;
‘Tis I, Thy Lord, Thy Life, Thy Light:
‘Tis I; Be Not Afraid

These Raging Winds, This Surging Sea,
Have Spent Their Deadly Force On Me:
They Bear No Breath Of Wrath To Thee:
‘Tis I; Be Not Afraid.

This Bitter Cup, I Drank It First;
To Thee It Is No Draught Accurst;
The Hand That Gives It Thee Is Pierced:
‘Tis I; Be Not Afraid.

Mine Eyes Are Watching By Thy Bed,
Mine Arms Are Underneath Thy Head,
My Blessing Is Around Thee Shed:
‘Tis I, Be Not Afraid.

When On The Other Side Thy Feet
Shall Rest Mid Thousand Welcomes Sweet,
One Well-Known Voice Thy Heart Shall Greet,
‘Tis I; Be Not Afraid.

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