Song   Victory For Me Yes Victory For Me
Album Most Popular Gospel Songs – Letter V
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
Writer Anna Hughes
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags Victory For Me Yes Victory For Me
Scripture Reference(s)
CCLI Song No

I’m Walking With Jesus Each Day, Yes I Know;
He Helps Me To Conquer In This World Below;
Abiding, Confiding, I’ll Trust To The End;
Jesus Is Victor, On Him I’ll Depend.

There’s Victory For Me! Yes, Victory For Me,
Thro’ Jesus My Captain There’s Victory;
No Ill Can Betide, With Christ By My Side,
For He’ll Gain The Victory For Me.

Tho’ Fierce Be The Battle, And Long Be The Fray;
The Savior Has Promised To Lead All The Way;
So Following Closely, I’ll Shout As I Go!
Victory! Victory, Over Every Foe.

And When To The End Of Life’s Conflict I’m Near,
Death Cannot Affright Me, No Grave Do I Fear,
For Jesus Hath Conquered; Once Dead, Now He Lives!
Jesus My Savior The Victory Gives.

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