Song   Well It’s All Right It’s All Right
Album Pentecostal And Apostolic Hymns 3
Genre Traditional Christian Hymns
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags Well It’s All Right It’s All Right
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Well, It’s All Right (It’s All Right)
It’s All Right (It’s All Right)
Long As I’ve Got My Lord Beside Me, Well, It’s All Right
Long As I’ve Got His Hand To Hold
Long As He’s A Watching Over My Soul
Long As Every Thing’s In His Control,
Well, It’s All Right (It’s All Right)

Moses Said, “It’s All Right”
When Chariots Of Pharaoh Followed Them In Their Flight
Well, The Sea Divided In Two,
Moses And The Children Walk Right Through
Through A Wall Of Water On Their Left And On Their Right

Then David Said, “It’s All Right”
When Goliath Mocked Him And He Challenged Him To A Fight
Little David Said A Prayer And Then Slung A Little Stone And Done Him In
And The People Said,
“Amen And Praise The Almighty’s Might”

Daniel Said, “It’s All Right”
When They Threw Him In The Lion’s Den That Awful Night
While The Hungry Lions Walked About
Daniel Said, “Lord, Please Help Me Out”
And The Lord, He Shut The Lion’s Mouth And He Shut It Tight.

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