Song We’re Traveling Home To Heaven
Album The Christian Hymn Book
Genre Traditional Christian Hymns
Writer(s) A. Campbell And Others
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags We’re Traveling Home To Heaven
Theme(s) Invitations
Scripture Reference(s)
CCLI Song No

We’re Traveling Home To Heaven Above;
Will You Go?
To Sing The Saviour’s Dying Love;
Will You Go?
Millions Have Reached That Blest Abode,
Anointed Kings And Priests To God,
And Millions More Are On The Road;
Will You Go?

We’re Going To See The Bleeding Lamb;
Will You Go?
In Rapturous Strains To Praise His Name;
Will You Go?
The Crown Of Life We There Shall Wear,
The Conqueror’s Palms Our Hands Shall Bear,
And All The Joys Of Heaven We’ll Share;
Will You Go?

We’re Going To Join The Heavenly Choir;
Will You Go?
To Raise Our Voice And Tune The Lyre;
Will You Go?
There Saints And Angels Gladly Sing
Hosanna To Their God And King,
And Make The Heavenly Arches Ring;
Will You Go?

Ye Weary, Heavy-Laden, Come;
Will You Go?
In The Blest House There Still Is Room;
Will You Go?
The Lord Is Waiting To Receive,
If Thou Wilt On Him Now Believe,
He’ll Give Thy Troubled Conscience Ease;
Come, Believe.

The Way To Heaven Is Straight And Plain,
Will You Go?
Believe, Repent, Be Born Again;
Will You Go?
The Saviour Cries Aloud To Thee
“Take Up Thy Cross, And Follow Me,
And Thou Shalt My Salvation See;
Come To Me.”

O, Could I Hear Some Sinner Say,
I Will Go,
I’ll Start This Moment, Clear The Way,
Let Me Go!
My Old Companions, Fare You Well,
I Will Not Go With You To Hell,
With Jesus Christ I Mean To Dwell,
Let Me Go! Fare You Well.

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