Song   When The Morning Comes
Album Pentecostal And Apostolic Hymns 3
Genre Traditional Christian Hymns
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Tags When The Morning Comes
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Trials Dark On Every Hand, And We Cannot Understand
All The Way That God Will Lead Us To That Blessed Promised Land;
But He’ll Guide Us With His Eye, And We’ll Follow Till We Die,
We Will Understand It Better By And By.

By And By, When The Morning Comes,
All The Saints Of God Are Gathering Home.
We Will Tell The Story How We’ve Overcome
We Will Understand It Better By And By.

We Are Often Destitute Of The Things That Life Demands,
Want Of Shelter And Of Food, Thirsty Hill And Barren Land;
But We’re Trusting In The Lord, And According To His Word,
We Will Understand It Better By And By.

Temptations, Hidden Snares, Often Take Us Unawares,
And Our Hearts Are Made To Bleed, For Each Thoughtless Word Or Deed;
And We Wonder Why The Test, When We Try To Do Our Best,
But We’ll Understand It Better By And By.

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