Song   When Time And Eternity Meet
Album Pentecostal And Apostolic Hymns 3
Genre Traditional Christian Hymns
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Tags When Time And Eternity Meet
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I Sat On The Banks Of A River,
I Stood On The Crest Of A Hill.
I Gazed At The Great Modern Cities,
The Valleys Serene And So Still.
I Heard The Loud Roar Of The Ocean,
I Felt The Great Deserts Heat.
Then I Thought Of The Fate Of This Whole Wide World,
When Time And Eternity Meet.

I Will Lay Down This Cross I Have Carried.
And Walk Past That Great Judgment Seat.
The Saints Of All Ages Will Be There.
When Time And Eternity Meet.

Like John I Will Gaze Toward The Heaven,
And Watch As An Angel Comes Down.
To Place One Foot On The Water,
The Other He’ll Place On The Ground.
He’ll Cry With His Hand Stretched Toward Heaven,
The Wicked Will Fall At His Feet.
But I Shall Rejoice Just To See Him,
When Time And Eternity Meet.

I’ll Then Hear The Cry Of The Sinner,
Who Must Hear Those Sad Words Of Fate.
Depart Ye For I Have Not Known Thee,
Be Gone Now For It Is Too Late.
I’ll Join In The Shouts Of The Saved Ones,
And Kneel With Them There At His Feet.
We’ll Be There Forever With Jesus,
When Time And Eternity Meet.

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