Song   Where Will You Be?
Album Pentecostal And Apostolic Hymns 3
Genre Traditional Christian Hymns
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags Where Will You Be?
Scripture Reference(s)
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Just One Life To Live On Earth, And It Swiftly Passes By.
From The Moment Of Or Birth, Till The Time Has Come To Die.
God Has Given Us This Choice To Decide Our Destiny.
In A Million Years, Where Will You Be?

Where Will You Be A Million Years From Now?
Will You Be Happy? Will You Be Singing?
While Ages Roll Throughout Eternity.
I Ask This Question, Where Will You Be?

In The Bible We Are Told, Of The Day That Soon Will Come.
When The People Of This Earth, Will Be Gathered At God’s Throne.
When You Stand Before His Throne, There For All The World To See.
Will He Say Well Done? Where Will You Be?

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