Song   Ye Little Flock Whom Jesus Feeds
Album Most Popular Gospel Songs – Letter Y
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
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Tags Ye Little Flock Whom Jesus Feeds
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Ye Little Flock Whom Jesus Feeds,
Dismiss Your Anxious Cares;
Look To The Shepherd Of Your Souls,
And Smile Away Your Fears.

Though Wolves And Lions Prowl Around,
His Staff Is Your Defense;
‘Midst Sands And Rocks, Your Shepherd’s Voice,
Calls Streams And Pastures Thence.

Your Father Will A Kingdom Give,
And Give It With Delight;
His Feeblest Child His Love Shall Call,
To Triumph In His Sight.

Ten Thousand Praises, Lord, We Bring,
For Sure Supports Like These;
And O’er The Pious Dead We Sing,
Thy Living Promises.

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