Song   Ye Righteous In The Lord Rejoice
Album Most Popular Gospel Songs – Letter Y
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
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Tags Ye Righteous In The Lord Rejoice
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Ye Righteous, In The Lord Rejoice;
‘Tis Comely That With Joyful Voice
God’s Saints His Name Should Praise.
With Harp And Hymn Of Gladness Sing,
Your Gift Of Sweetest Music Bring,
To Him A New Song Raise.

For Upright Is Jehovah’s Word,
And All The Doings Of The Lord
In Justice Have Their Birth.
In Judgment And In Deeds Of Right
The Lord Forever Takes Delight,
His Goodness Fills The Earth.

Jehovah Speaks, The Heavens Appear;
He Breathes, And Lo, Each Shining Sphere
In Splendour Stands Arrayed.
He Rolls The Water Heap On Heap,
He Stores Away The Mighty Deep
In Garners For It Made.

Let All The Earth Jehovah Fear,
Let All That Dwell Both Far And Near
In Awe Before Him Stand;
For Lo, He Spoke And It Was Done,
And All, With Sovereign Power Begun,
Stood Fast At His Command.

He Makes The Nations’ Counsels Vain,
The Plans The Peoples Would Maintain
Are Thwarted By His Hand.
Jehovah’s Counsels Stand Secure,
His Purposes Of Heart Endure,
Forevermore They Stand.

O Truly Is The Nation Blest
Whose God, Before The World Confessed,
Jehovah Is Alone;
And Blest The People Is Whom He
Has Made His Heritage To Be,
And Chosen For His Own.

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