Song   Ye Sons Of Men A Feeble Race
Album Most Popular Gospel Songs – Letter Y
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
Writer Isaac Watts
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags Ye Sons Of Men A Feeble Race
Scripture Reference(s)
CCLI Song No

Ye Sons Of Men, A Feeble Race,
Exposed To Every Snare,
Come, Make The Lord Your Dwelling Place,
And Try And Trust His Care.

No Ill Shall Enter Where You Dwell;
Or If The Plague Come Nigh,
And Sweep The Wicked Down To Hell,
‘Twill Raise His Saints On High.

He’ll Give His Angels Charge To Keep
Your Feet In All Their Ways;
To Watch Your Pillow While You Sleep,
And Guard Your Happy Days.

Their Hands Shall Bear You, Lest You Fall
And Dash Against The Stones:
Are They Not Servants At His Call,
And Sent T’attend His Sons?

Adders And Lions Ye Shall Tread;
The Tempter’s Wiles Defeat;
He That Hath Broke The Serpent’s Head
Puts Him Beneath Your Feet.

“Because On Me They Set Their Love,
I’ll Save Them,” Saith The Lord;
I’ll Bear Their Joyful Souls Above
Destruction And The Sword.

My Grace Shall Answer When They Call,
In Trouble I’ll Be Nigh;
My Power Shall Help Them When They Fall,
And Raise Them When They Die.

“They That On Earth My Name Have Known
I’ll Honor Them In Heaven;
There My Salvation Shall Be Shown,
And Endless Live Be Given.”

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