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Yes, God Is Good

SongYes, God Is Good
AlbumChristian Web Resources
GenreContemporary Christian Music
Writer(s)John Hampden Gurney 
MusicGeorge Kingsley
TagsYes, God Is Good
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Yes, God Is Good: In Earth And Sky,
From Ocean’s Depths And Spreading Wood,
Ten Thousand Voices Seem To Cry,
God Made Us All, And God Is Good.

The Sun That Keeps His Trackless Way,
And Downward Pours His Golden Flood,
Night’s Sparkling Hosts, All Seem To Say,
In Accents Clear, That God Is Good.

The Merry Birds Prolong The Strain,
Their Song With Ev’ry Spring Renewed;
And Balmy Air, And Falling Rain,
Each Softly Whispers, God Is Good.

Yes, God Is Good, All Nature Says,
By God’s Own Hand With Speech Endued;
And Man, In Louder Notes Of Praise,
Should Sing For Joy That God Is Good.

For All Thy Gifts We Bless Thee, Lord,
But Chiefly For Our Heavenly Food;
Thy Pard’ning Grace, Thy Quick’ning Word,
These Prompt Our Song That God Is Good.