Song Yes The Redeemer Rose
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 3
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
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Yes, The Redeemer Rose, The Saviour Left The Dead,
And Over Our Hellish Foes High Raised His Conquering Head.
In Wild Dismay The Guards Around,
Fall To The Ground And Sink Away.

Lo! The Angelic Bands In Full Assembly Meet,
To Wait His High Commands And Worship At His Feet.
Joyful They Come, And Wing Their Way
From Realms Of Day To See His Tomb.

Then Back To Heaven They Fly And The Glad Tidings Bear.
Hark! As They Soar On High, What Music Fills The Air!
Their Anthems Say, “Jesus, Who Bled,
Hath Left The Dead, He Rose Today.”

Ye Mortals, Catch The Sound, Redeemed By Him From Hell;
And Send The Echo Round The Globe On Which You Dwell:
Transported, Cry, “Jesus, Who Bled,
Hath Left The Dead, No More To Die.”

All Hail! Triumphant Lord, Who Savest Us With Thy Blood;
Wide Be Thy Name Adored, Thou Rising, Reigning God!
With Thee We Rise, With Thee We Reign,
And Empires Gain Beyond The Skies.

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