Song   Adam Our Father And Our Head
Album Popular Hymns By Isaac Watts
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
Writer Isaac Watts
Publisher / Copyrights
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Adam, Our Father And Our Head,
Transgressed, And Justice Doomed Us Dead;
The Fiery Law Speaks All Despair:
There’s No Reprieve Nor Pardon There.

But, O Unutterable Grace!
The Son Of God Takes Adams Place;
Down To Our World The Saviour Flies,
Stretches His Arms, And Bleeds, And Dies.

Justice Was Pleased To Bruise The God,
And Pay Its Wrongs With Heavenly Blood:
What Unknown Racks And Pangs He Bore!
Then Rose; The Law Could Ask No More.

Amazing Work! Look Down, Ye Skies,
Wonder And Gaze With All Your Eyes;
Ye Heavenly Thrones, Stoop From Above,
And Bow To This Mysterious Love.

Lo! They Adore Thin Carnage Son,
And Sing The Glories He Hath Won;
Sing How He Broke Our Iron Chains,
How Deep He Sunk, How High He Reigns!

Triumph And Reign, Victorious Lord,
By All The Flaming Hosts Adored;
And Say, Dear Conqueror, Say How Long
Ere We Shall Rise To Join Their Song.

Send Down A Chariot From Above,
With Fiery Wheels, And Paved With Love;
Raise Us Beyond The Ethereal Blue,
To Sing And Love As Angels Do.

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