Song   Am I A Soldier Of The Cross
Album Popular Hymns By Isaac Watts
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
Writer Isaac Watts
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags Am I A Soldier Of The Cross
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Am I A Soldier Of The Cross,
A Follower Of The Lamb,
And Shall I Fear To Own His Cause,
Or Blush To Speak His Name?

Must I Be Carried To The Skies
On Flowery Beds Of Ease,
While Others Fought To Win The Prize,
And Sailed Through Bloody Seas?

Are There No Foes For Me To Face?
Must I Not Stem The Flood?
Is This Vile World A Friend To Grace,
To Help Me On To God?

Sure I Must Fight If I Would Reign;
Increase My Courage, Lord.
Ill Bear The Toil, Endure The Pain,
Supported By Thy Word.

Thy Saints In All This Glorious War
Shall Conquer, Though They Die;
They See The Triumph From Afar,
By Faiths Discerning Eye.

When That Illustrious Day Shall Rise,
And All Thy Armies Shine
In Robes Of Victory Through The Skies,
The Glory Shall Be Thine.

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