Song I Danced In The Morning
Album The Worship Collection ( Vol-04)
Genre Praise & Worship
Writer(s) Sydney Bertram Carter
Publisher / Copyrights Stainer & Bell Ltd
Tags And The Dance Went On
Theme(s) Praise & Thanksgiving, Incarnation
Scripture Reference(s) Matthew 4: 21, Matthew 12: 12,  Matthew 27: 26, Matthew 27: 35, Matthew 27 : 59
CCLI Song No 2793300

I Danced In The Morning
When The World Was Begun,
And I Danced In The Moon
And The Stars And The Sun,
And I Came Down From Heaven
And I Danced On The Earth,
At Bethlehem, I Had My Birth.

I Danced For The Scribe
And The Pharisee,
But They Would Not Dance
And They Wouldn’t Follow Me.
I Danced For The Fishermen,
For James And John
They Came With Me
And The Dance Went On.

Dance, Then, Wherever You May Be,
I Am The Lord Of The Dance, Said He,
And I’ll Lead You All, Wherever You May Be,
And I’ll Lead You All In The Dance, Said He

I Danced On The Sabbath
And I Cured The Lame;
The Holy People
Said It Was A Shame.
They Whipped And They Stripped
And They Hung Me On High,
And They Left Me There
On A Cross To Die.

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