Lyrics The Worship Collection Volume 04

Isn’t He Beautiful

Song Isn’t He Beautiful
Album The Worship Collection ( Vol-04)
Genre Praise & Worship
Writer(s) John Wimber
Publisher / Copyrights Vineyard Publishing
Key A
Tags Almighty God, Isn’T He?
Theme(s) Worship, Love & Adoration, His presence
Scripture Reference(s) Psalms 27: 4, Isaiah 9: 6
CCLI Song No 1541

Isn’t He
Isn’t He?
Prince Of Peace
Son Of God, Isn’t He?

Isn’t He (Isn’t He)
Wonderful (Wonderful)?
Wonderful (Wonderful)
Isn’t He (Isn’t He)?
Almighty God, Isn’T He?
Isn’t He? Isn’t He?

Yes You Are (Yes You Are)
Beautiful (Beautiful)!
Beautiful (Beautiful)
Yes, You Are (Yes You Are)!
Prince Of Peace
Son Of God, Yes You Are!

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