Song   Kind Friends Have Decked
Album Most Popular Gospel Songs – Letter K
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
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Kind Friends Have Decked The Christmas Tree,
With Lights And Tokens Gay;
Sweet Peace And Hope And Liberty
Make Glad All Hearts Today.
And Standing ‘Neath The Glittering Boughs,
With Mingled Voice We Sing,
O Father, Hear Our Loving Vows,
Who Givest Every Thing.

“Our Life, Our Joys, Each Pleasant Home,
Our Gifts, Each Token Fair;
From Heaven Alone All Blessings Come,
And Love Is Reigning There.
O Father, Shine Within Our Hearts,
With Trust, And Not In Fear!
We Long To Find The Better Part;
Speak, Father: We Would Hear!”

We Sing Around The Christmas Tree;
The Christ Child Bends Above;
O’er All The Glittering Things We See,
He Seems To Whisper, “Love.”
Ring Out, O Voices, Clear And Free,
Wake All The Quiet Air;
Ring Out In Joyous Melody,
For Gladness Is A Prayer.

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