Song King Of Love Is My Delight
Album The Worship Collection ( Vol-04)
Genre Praise & Worship
Writer(s) Kevin Jamieson, Stuart Townend
Publisher / Copyrights Thankyou Music
Key F
Tags Earth Splits The Ground
Theme(s) God’s Love & Faithfulness, His presence, Praise & Thanksgiving, Proclamation & Evangelism, Unity
Scripture Reference(s)
CCLI Song No 2295729

The King Of Love Is My Delight
His Eyes Are Fire, His Face Is Light
The First And Last, The Living One
His Name Is Jesus

And From His Mouth There Comes A Sound
That Shakes The Earth Splits The Ground
And Yet This Voice Is Life To Me
The Voice Of Jesus

And I Will Sing My Songs Of Love
Calling Out Across The Earth The
King Has Come, The King Of Love Has Come
And Troubled Minds Can Know His Peace
Captive Hearts Can Be Released
The King Has Come, The King Of Love Has Come

My Lovers Breath Is Sweetest Wine.
I Am His Prize And He Is Mine
How Can A Sinner Know Such Joy?
Because Of Jesus

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