Song Oh Lord The Clouds Are Gathering
Album The Worship Collection ( Vol-04)
Genre Praise & Worship
Writer(s) Graham Kendrick
Publisher / Copyrights 1987 Make Way Music
Key C
Tags Have Mercy Lord, Judgement Burns
Theme(s) Confession, Forgiveness, Judgment, Mercy, Righteousness, Victory
Scripture Reference(s) Lamentations 4: 4, Amos 5: 24, Matthew 6: 10, Luke 11: 2
CCLI Song No 30464

Oh Lord, The Clouds Are Gathering
The Fire Of Judgement Burns
How We Have Fallen!
Oh Lord, You Stand Appalled To See
Your Laws Of Love So Scorned
And Lives So Broken

Have Mercy, Lord, (Women)
Have Mercy, Lord, (Men)
Forgive Us, Lord, (Women)
Forgive Us, Lord (Men)
Restore Us, Lord (All)
Revive Your Church Again
Let Justice Flow (Women)
Let Justice Flow (Men)
Like Rivers (Women)
Like Rivers (Men)
And Righteousness Like A Never Failing Stream (All)

Oh Lord, Over The Nations Now
Where Is The Dove Of Peace?
Her Wings Are Broken
Oh Lord, While Precious Children Starve
The Tools Of War Increase Their Bread Is Stolen

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