Song   Something Got A Hold Of Me
Album Pentecostal And Apostolic Hymns 3
Genre Traditional Christian Hymns
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Tags Something Got A Hold Of Me
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When First I Heard,
Of A People Who Claimed,
That Old Time Religion Was Real.
I Said I’ll Go Down,
Take A Look At The Crowd.
There’s Just How Weak Minded That I Feel.
I Walked Up The Steps,
Peeked In At The Door.
The Devil Said Don’t You Go In.
I Said It Won’t Hurt Me,
I’ll Just Step Inside,
And Sit As Far Back As I Can.

But Something Got A Hold Of Me.
Yes Something Got A Hold Of Me.
I Went There To Fight,
But Oh My That Night.
God Surely Got A Hold Of Me.

They Sang Like They Meant It
They All Clapped Their Hands.
I Said It’s Commotion That’s All.
When They Go Down To Pray,
I’ll Just Up And Leave.
I Don’t Want To Be Seen Here At All.

About That Time,
The Preacher Started To Preach.
He Looked Right Down Straight At Me.
He Told Everybody Just How Mean I Was.
Didn’t Talk Like He Thought Much Of Me.
I Sat In My Seat Just Thinking It Over.
And Then They All Started To Pray.
The Fire Fell From Heaven,
And I Fell To The Floor.
I Prayed There Till God Had His Way.

Now When I Left Home,
I Said I Can’t Stay Very Long.
I Must Be Home About Nine.
When The Fire Fell From Heaven,
I Fell To The Floor.
Got Home Half Past Twelve,
But Felt Fine.

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