Song   Sow In The Morn Thy Seed
Album Pentecostal And Apostolic Hymns 3
Genre Traditional Christian Hymns
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Tags Sow In The Morn Thy Seed
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Sow In The Morn Thy Seed,
At Eve Hold Not Thine Hand;
To Doubt And Fear Give Thou No Heed,
Broadcast It Over The Land

Thou Knowest Not Which May Thrive,
The Late Or Early Sown;
Grace Keeps The Chosen Germ Alive,
When And Wherever Strown

And Duly Shall Appear,
In Verdure, Beauty, Strength,
The Tender Blade, The Stalk, The Ear,
And The Full Corn At Length

Thou Canst Not Toil In Vain;
Cold, Heat, And Moist, And Dry,
Shall Foster And Mature The Grain
For Garners In The Sky

Thence, When The Glorious End,
The Day Of God Is Come,
The Angel Reapers Descend,
And Heaven Cry: Harvest Home!

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